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Dating type games

The more complicated answer, though, is that you should consider whether or not someone with a specific personality type can assimilate well into your own personality sphere.

A lot of times, people with different personalities mesh well and complement each other.

Not all Type A people are compulsive, but you will find that they prefer organization as opposed to spontaneity.

You can influence your character’s poem by choosing different thematic words from a list, which will make your verse more appealing to some girls than others.

This matters, because character you have the best standing with is the one you spend the most time with.

But the problem with these simplistic assumptions is that the scope of both types of personalities go far beyond the surface.

When it comes to dating, you really should base your presumptions about a person based off of their day-to-day actions, rather than a mere perceived personality type. The easy answer is that you should date whoever you like.

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  1. The site doesn't tell you who has paid and who hasn't. Best for Finding Specific Traits: Niche Sites A large dating site may not be the way to go if you have something specific you're looking for, especially if you're not willing to compromise on that thing. Maybe you're just a dedicated bookworm looking for a kindred spirit. Dating on niche sites gives you a common ground to start on.